Truths About Trucking Part 3 : Adventures in Trucking Series

ADVENTURES IN TRUCKING SERIES : Truths About Trucking Part 3

This video is an interview with Josh Frisoli, a fellow driver here at US Xpress.

This is a link to Josh’s YouTube Channel:

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This is PART 3. In this video series, we will give a new driver an idea of what to expect coming into trucking.

I am excited to share his experience with you now..

Josh is a FIRST SEAT SOLO DRIVER and was hired here at US Xpress in that position. This video was filmed at a truck stop in South Carolina that we just happened to meet at.

I hope this little series helps folks that are considering a career in trucking.

I am not an “old school” driver, by any means, but I did learn from some great drivers who loved to drive for a living. I share their enthusiasm.

How did I get here?

I simply applied online to US Xpress and a recruiter contacted me shortly thereafter.
The application process is very easy for larger companies if you have your paperwork in order and your history is verifiable. I know because I use to hire drivers for my company.
Recruiters will LOVE you if you are squared away. It will be in YOUR best interest if you bring all requested documents and cards to orientation. It can be a long ride home if you do not.
Experience is a big plus with larger companies, but not required by most…they will send you to school and train you.
Limited experience may get you some training as well, but it is for YOUR OWN GOOD and the safety of the general public.
Remember: If you do not know, ASK someone does know and they will help you !!!

Questions are welcome my friends…do not hesitate !!!


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