Top 10 Mistakes Owner-Operators Do in Trucking Business

In this episode of Trucking Business, you’re going to get the TOP 10 errors owner-operators do and the way it would possibly have an effect on your corporation and even life.

Watch an episode to know how one can forestall these mess-ups.

00:00 – Intro
00:30 – Hauling a mistaken load
1:24 – Spitting a load out onto the highway
2:05 – Going downhill too quick
3:10 – Take a flip too sharply
4:05 – Bump a automotive when altering lanes
5:05 – Don’t tailgate
6:12 – Having a mistaken temperature set on a reefer unit
7:17 – Don’t depart a truck on the gasoline island
8:22 – Forgetting to place up the touchdown gear
9:06 – Staying only a good driver

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#Top #Mistakes #OwnerOperators #Trucking #Business