The Truth about Trucking Introductory Video….1st of many to come

It took me over ten tears to write The Truth about Trucking, Most of it was done in the sleeper while at a dock or in a truck stop. I started driving in 1986 and am still driving today…of all the things I’ve written I’m really proud of this book…its available @

Lot’s pf people have told me I nailed this one,..That may or may not be true but The Truth about Trucking is a brutally honest take on life on the road. I told the truth and didn’t hold anything back.

Anyway TAT is not a technical or ‘how to’ book. It’s more of a ‘this is what it feels like to be a trucker book.’ Give it a look and thanks for watching my video.

Steve Zellers

The Truth about Trucking is an honest and revealing look at what it means to be a trucker in today’s world. “It’s hard to kiss your wife goodnight if you’re 1,000 miles away. It’s hard to be an influence in your kid’s life, if you’re not in your kid’s life. That’s not my opinion, that’s the truth about trucking.” Steven R. Zellers “Straight forward, entertaining and often funny, Zellers new book The Truth about Trucking provides an education and inspiration for readers who want the real story about life on the road. ” Ron Wynn Nashville City Paper

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