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May Trucking Company is on my mind because it is on your mind. Numerous astute viewers have written me about them asking about the fuel policy. Does May Trucking charge drivers for fuel? I’ll go into the court case about it. What is the May Trucking Company pay? I looked and got the latest information on May Trucking pay. I forgot to mention that May Trucking Orientation pay is $100/day. I don’t know if you share a room. May Trucking says you should go first class but is a Greyhound really first class? I think that Greyhound coach is coach travel at its best. The May Trucking daily guaranteed pay is discussed as well as the mileage pay. I should be clear that the initial pay I speak of is for new drivers. I don’t know how many experienced drivers would even consider applying here. The May Trucking detention pay is also brought out. It is one of the biggest problems of the trucking industry and I think it needs to change immediately. Yes, people need to start somewhere in the industry but you don’t have to be worked without pay like their detention policy allows. That is just not right and if a company thinks that drivers are professionals they should pay them as such.

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