How to make a million dollars trucking, truth about a brokerage and helping others by leasing em on

I never stated what we’re doing on this channel till this, I also wanted to make it clear what I do, who I work and partner with and what I have. We partner with prime inc and train folks to drive (wanna join message me). I have a business partner who is not in the vlog operating another truck, training as well. We stay with prime because we use the great income earned their as a lease op to funnel into our companies. We currently have owner ops and company trucks under our own Authority going on it’s third year. We have a brokerage that is growing and a excellent team behind us running the day to day in the office. We can not buy 300 trucks at once or we would be doing that. Unfortunately things take time and banks will only lend on so many trucks at once and with the lower freight rates this year we are buying our trucks And some trailers outright and forgoing payments to create more cash flow. If you’d like to lease on submit a email

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