Bossman Brewster Talks Starting Trucking Company That Only Hires Felons, Prison Reform + More

Bossman Brewster “Off The Porch” Interview

We recently sat down with entrepreneur/author Bossman Brewster for an exclusive “Off The Porch” interview! During our conversation he discusses life in Oak Cliff, going to prison when he was 17, spending 13 years in prison, his first job out of jail, how he got into driving trucks, how he got his CDL, hiring only felons for his trucking company, his perspective on prison reform, going viral on social media, celebs who have been supporting the movement, his books “From The Rec Yard To The Streets”, “From The Streets to the Suites” and much more! 

Bossman Brewster

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Interview by Haze of DGB

Shot by Brandon Collins

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